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Being single could cost you

February 14, 2023
Hello from London, Insiders! This week, I’m using my notes to explore artificial intelligence. After decades of promise, it feels like it’s suddenly here for real. The topic for today: AI’s threat to you — and your job.

It sure seems that AI might be coming for many jobs, from media to marketing, tech jobs to law and finance. AI can debug some code. It can also help with legal research and investing. But even if it doesn’t take your job, it could help find another human to replace you, one expert warned.

There’s also concern about discrimination from AI. There have been a bunch of instances in which algorithms led to people getting denied critical services. It’s why even industry insiders, including execs at Microsoft and OpenAI, are calling for more rules around it. Let me know what you think:

— Nicholas Carlson


In today’s edition: A new analysis breaks down how much more it costs to live alone. Plus, Gen Z is getting slammed by the latest tech meltdown, and flying objects keep getting shot down. If this was forwarded to you, sign up here. 



Michigan shooting, United flight, & Trump

  • Three killed and five critically injured in shootings at Michigan State University. The suspect fatally shot himself, the police said. More here.
  • A passenger recalled “screaming” as a United Airlines flight plunged within 800 feet of the Pacific Ocean. Read more.
  • Witnesses “may have lied under oath” to a grand jury investigating Trump. A judge ordered the release of a portion of a secret report detailing the special grand jury’s findings. Read more.

Tech meltdown hits Gen Z

Tyler Le/Insider


The class of 2023 can’t find work in Silicon Valley — and it could cost Big Tech in the long run.

Job prospects in Big Tech are grim, Insider’s Aki Ito writes. Silicon Valley has slashed some 100,000 jobs in the past six weeks — but the hardest hit have been those who have yet to break into the industry: college and graduate students.

Previously, tech giants were seen as sure bets, largely because they were. But now, in Gen Z’s eyes, tech is just as ruthless and unreliable of an employer as banking seemed to millennials during the Great Recession.



Flying objects, living alone, & more

Maskot/Getty Images


  • It costs to be single: Splitting rent is obviously cheaper, but a new Zillow analysis seeks to put numbers to it. It finds that, on average, Americans living alone pay about $7,000 more a year in rent than those cohabiting. It’s another data point showing that, while more Americans are opting to fly solo, their wallets are feeling the burden. Read more here.
  • Why the military is spotting more mysterious flying objects lately. Four suspicious flying objects have been shot down over North American skies in recent days. It all comes down to NORAD’s new radar filters.
  • American drivers have a blinding headlight problem. It’s due to misaligned headlights, taller vehicles, and the changing hue of the lights — but regulations for car headlights haven’t been changed in decades. Why the problem could last years.
  • A job seeker who lost her hair says interviewers called her headcap “unprofessional.” Krystal Garmon, who underwent cancer treatment twice, said the interviewers started talking to each other without realizing she was on the call. Here’s what happened.
  • Four tips to save money with brands like Nike and Starbucks. A TikToker named Erika Kullberg paid off $200,000 of student debt in two years. She said her tips could save people money on a laptop, coffee, deliveries, and medical bills. Find them here.
  • “I made almost $500,000 on Upwork last year as a freelance SEO consultant.” Sam Bazzi turned to the freelance platform full time in 2016 after health problems meant he needed more flexibility. Here’s how he turned his side gig into a lucrative career.
  • A new TikTok account appears to show life in North Korea. The account, which has amassed over 90,000 followers in just four days, comes amid a rise in North Korean YouTube channels that are believed to be state-sanctioned. Watch the videos here.

Momfluencer’s armored SUV

Rezvani Motors
This momfluencer is promoting a $499,000 armored SUV. The Rezvani Vengeance has pepper spray built in, bulletproof glass, and electrified door handles. It showcases apocalyptic parental anxiety for children’s safety. Check it out.

Earthquake rescue efforts

Rescuers pull out survivors one week after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Turkey and Syria. As fewer survivors are being found, humanitarian efforts are shifting to providing aid to the survivors. See it for yourself.

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This edition was curated by Nicholas Carlson and edited by Hallam Bullock, Lisa Ryan, Dave Smith, Nathan Rennolds, and Kevin Kaplan. Get in touch:

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