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Why Your Ideology Will Never Exist in Reality

I mentioned in a recent Substack that I have abandoned the concept of having a political ideology in favor of preferences that align with how I wish to live my life. I realize that many people who claim not to be of the Left have built a moral framework out of their political ideology. This is exactly what the Left does, and it’s what makes them so dangerous, especially given the Left’s anti-human and anti-God political beliefs. Now, imagine the morality of those who believe there is nothing wrong with prostitution, drug use, etc., and defend the right of junkies to shoot up in the parks your children play in because of their political ideology. One side wants to mutilate your child’s genitals against your will, and the other defends your parental rights to do the same.

We’ve seen the right flirt with groups like the Moral Majority, but when it came time to pass legislation to protect, say, the right to pray in public schools, the Right backed down. The Left will not back down and will continue to push until they get their way. And the Left goes to war to keep winning. The reaction to the overturning of the Roe v. Wade decision was lamented all over the world, and most people who noticed never asked why someone in New Zealand would care about court decisions in the USA.

With that information in mind, here are a couple reasons why, if you are grasping firmly to an in-the-box ideology, it will never manifest in reality. The first is that you are entering an arena with an existing structure. If you brought your in-the-box ideology to a newly formed polity, you may be able to implement what you want, at least for a short time. But you are going to be butting heads with a system that already exists and is mired in bureaucracy. It is rare that a new ideology can supplant an existing one without bloodshed and struggle. Getting someone elected who agrees with your idea of governance—or a lack thereof—and will be able to institute your in-the-box ideology is impossible in reality. That is why, when it comes to politics, I am only concerned with having my preferences codified in law. If I have three political issues I want to see eliminated or replaced, and that action is within the realm of possibility, I stand a better chance of achieving my goals than I do of getting an in-the-box ideology from a 500-page book that a couple thousand people have read implemented.


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