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Last chance: Get Ernst Jünger’s ‘On the Marble Cliffs’ with the NYRB Classics Book Club

We’re still offering a special discount on new memberships to the NYRB Classics Book Club: Sign up for twelve months now and you’ll receive $60 off the regular rate. Membership in the club ensures a monthly literary surprise selected from among our newest titles by the NYRB editors.

Now is your last chance to receive the February selection with this discount. Order by this Wednesday, February 15, and we’ll begin your membership with Ernst Jünger’s novel On the Marble Cliffs, both a mesmerizing work of fantasy and an allegory of the advent of fascism. Set in a world of its own, the book follows two brothers, formerly warriors, whose Arcadian idyll is shattered by an encroaching tyrannical force. Tess Lewis’s new translation of Jünger’s sinister fable of 1939 brings out all of this legendary book’s dark luster.

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