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DeSantis Is Doubling Down on Immigrant Abuse


It is certain, that all parts of Europe which are enslaved, have been enslaved by armies; and it is absolutely impossible, that any nation which keeps them amongst themselves can long preserve their liberties; nor can any nation perfectly lose their liberties who are without such guests: And yet, though all men see this, and at times confess it, yet all have joined in their turns, to bring this heavy evil upon themselves and their country.
Cato’s Letters No.95


February 7, 2023

DeSantis Is Doubling Down on Immigrant Abuse
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is doubling down on the abuse he inflicted severe months ago on dozens of Venezuelan immigrants. He is asking the Florida legislature to give him another $12 million to “relocate” undocumented immigrants, which will enable him to do more of what he did to those Venezuelan immigrants to new groups of undocumented immigrants.  An agent for DeSantis approached …

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