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1/27/23 Weekly Roundup: No Fly List Hacked, Manchin At World Economic Forum, Pelosi Disses MSNBC, Desantis College, Marvel and China, UFO Debris Retrieved, Candace Owens Calls Steven Crowder Socialist

In this Weekly Roundup we look into how a Hacker leaked the No Fly List, Joe Manchin’s combative talks with other European leaders during the World Economic Forum, Nancy Pelosi saying she’s “not a big fan” of MSNBC over coverage of the Biden documents story, inside Ron Desantis’s battle with College Board over AP African American studies, China opening its theaters back up to Marvel movies for the first time after a 3 year ban, a Congressman admitting the government has retrieved UFO debris, and Candace Owens calling Steven Crowder a socialist for the way he handled The Daily Wire deal fiasco.

Timestamps: No Fly List: (00:00) Manchin WEF: (3:28) Pelosi MSNBC: (7:14) Desantis: (10:14) Marvel China: (18:56) UFOs: (24:50) Candace: (29:46) To listen to Breaking Points as a podcast, check them out on Apple and Spotify Apple:… Spotify:… Merch:

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