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Breaking Points 1/26/23: Meta Unbans Trump, Germany Sends Tanks To Ukraine, Santos Campaign Finance Scandal, Brett Farve Mississippi Scandal, Pelosi Google Stocks, Jim Cramer on Anti Trust, Ticketmaster vs Senators, Egg Prices, Dems Dropping Biden, Social Security Bipartisanship with Ryan Cooper

Krystal and Saagar discuss Meta’s unbanning of Trump from Facebook and Instagram, Germany sending Tanks to Ukraine, inside George Santos’ Campaign Finance scandal, a Mississippi Auditor calls Brett Farve’s Welfare Scandal “The Largest Public Fraud Case In The History Of The State”, Nancy Pelosi caught selling millions of Google stocks before the DOJ lawsuit, Jim Cramer calls the DOJ ideologically ‘hard left’, Taylor Swift gets quoted by Senators during Ticketmaster hearings, Saagar looks into what’s going on with Egg Prices in the US, Krystal looks into whether Democrats are beginning to drop Biden after the chaotic document saga, and Ryan Cooper (@ryanlcooper) at The Prospect joins the show to talk about the Bipartisanship around Social Security.

Timestamps: Sos: (0:00) Trump Unbanned: (1:36) Ukraine: (10:39) Zelensky: (24:07) Santos Scandal: (33:01) Brett Favre: (44:12) Pelosi Stocks: (51:05) Ticketmaster: (56:15) Saagar: (1:06:14) Krystal: (1:15:03) Ryan Cooper: (1:23:34) EoS: (1:36:10)

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