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Heavy snow continues across much of Japan as cold snap maintains grip

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Heavy snow continues across much of Japan as cold snap maintains grip
Transport was disrupted, with trains and vehicles stranded due to difficulties caused by the winter storms.
CDP questions Kishida on defense spending, nuclear power and child care
Calling for a snap election, the CDP’s Kenta Izumi blasted the prime minister for pursuing a tax hike for defense spending without parliamentary discussion.
Kishida’s possible visit to Kyiv faces security and other challenges
The prime minister is said to be eager to make the visit ahead of the summit of the Group of Seven major powers he will …
Former U.S. Indo-Pacific commander underscores threat to Taiwan’s outlying islands
Retired Adm. Philip Davidson — known for his assessment that China may try to attack Taiwan by 2027 — called the threat to the islands …
Surging crime and bleak future push Rohingya in Bangladesh to risk lives at sea
An increasing number of Rohingya are now leaving Bangladesh for countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia via perilous boat journeys.
Japan cuts economic view in January as COVID-19 surges in China
The Japanese government’s latest report said exports “have been in a weak tone recently,” the first time the component was downgraded in 14 months, with …

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Secret documents land in all the wrong places in messy U.S. system
Recent revelations of mishandled classified documents expose the pitfalls of safeguarding the nation’s secrets.
The growing comprehension gap that isolates Japan
Japan’s central bank governor and the market are talking at cross-purposes. It shows a country that’s both badly understood and a poor communicator.
Lab-grown meat moves closer to American dinner plates
Executives at cultivated meat companies are optimistic that meat grown in massive steel vats could be on the menu within months after one company won …
‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ leads the Oscar nominations
Daniel Kwan’s oddball sci-fi movie, “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” led in sheer number of Oscar nominations, with 11 total.
Rui Hachimura excited to join Lakers and to wear No. 28 jersey
Hachimura joins superstars LeBron James and Anthony Davis on a Lakers team that has struggled with injuries this season and is much in need of …
Trapped in trash: Japan’s hidden hoarders
Behind closed doors, Japan has more houses filled with garbage than you might think — a phenomenon being exacerbated by shifting demographics and pandemic-induced social …
One of the most influential ambassadors in Washington isn’t one
Taiwan’s representative, Bi-khim Hsiao, calls herself a “cat warrior” walking a delicate diplomatic line. China calls her a troublemaker who could trigger a war.
Crucial role: Defense of Taiwan hinges on Japan’s support
Without the use of bases in Japan, the United States would not be able to employ tactical air power in the event of a conflict.

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