Germany Green-Lights the Tanks

by Peter Zeihan on January 25, 2023

After months of discussion, the Germans have opted to allow the Leopard Tanks to be sent into Ukraine…and while it may seem like this resolution took far too long, anyone that has read a history book can at least understand the reason for the delay.

There are two main factors to understand in this situation. First, the Leopards within the countries near Ukraine can get there and into the fight for the spring offensive. That’s huge. Second, the Germans put a clause into their policy that states the Americans must also provide some of their tanks – the Abrams. That one’s a bit more problematic.

The Abrams is less tank and more “armored weapons system” – and many of those weapons are still classified. On top of that, just imagine all the tip-toeing around red lines and through gray areas required to create a logistical tail stretching from the USA to Ukraine…It’ll be a while before those Abrams hit Ukrainian soil.

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