Left and Right

A Perspective On National Socialistic Feminism

By Andkon’s Reich

Mother With Child Statue by Josef Thorak, 1937


In the recent weeks, I have been observing a new sentiment that is brewing within the confinements of the so called “movement”. When looked at from a distance and with foreknowledge of the events, sentiments and hostilities that have led up to this dam crack, one should not be surprised by the result or response that is about to foster within the dissident right if it has not fostered already.

Feminism in a new form, a nationalistic feminism, a racially conscious Feminism is manifesting within the confinements and space of the so called movement or the dissident right or as I like to call them the Authoritarian community because the long tiresome speel of the trad aesthetic has ultimately reached its bitter collapse, the days of posting girls in sundresses and frolicking in wheat fields, cracking kitchen jokes and some usual anti-female or female hostile sentiments is drawing to a close. We no longer live in the days of the so called traditional life and we definitely won’t live under such for a very long time if such an undertaking to restore it is managed. The behavior of men within the dissident right for the past few years has been to put it lightly: divisive, impulsive and destructive to the unification of all parties who would participate in the revival of European and American culture, integrity, honor, intelligence and independence. Among both sides this is the fundamental goal, either side does not understand this motive in the way they should understand it. There is neither pragmatic thought or idealistic thought. There are neither manners, humility, honor and most importantly of all there is certainly no chivalry within the pot of missing socks and clothes. Women within the dissident right at this hour unfortunately feel abandoned, mistreated and in some cases even frightened. There are two paths of which the woman who sympathizes with our cause will go down. She will either flee the political grasp itself or she will adopt a line of thinking that best defends her interests and her companions within the struggle. Essentially, women are forming their own blocks, groups and organizations, they are making channels and propaganda to best suit their interests, needs and perspectives because the so called men have refused to take up that mantle. Make no mistake. The women within our communities are not spiteful green haired feminists who hate men, believe me, I know their perspective well, they would rather not say the things they are saying or do the things they are doing at the moment, they have no choice as a matter of consequence. It is either they de-convert from the ideology at hand and further isolate themselves from communities, families and close friends or they adopt a philosophy and a system that safeguards that until real men wisen up and take the torch. No men as of yet have taken the torch, the entire dissident right has completely abandoned their own counterparts of pro-creation at the evil capacious whims of spite, revenge, rhetoric and narcissism. This must stop and it must be erased from the pillars of all modern Authoritarian Anti-Democratic movements. These women are in a lost swamp looking for the leaders and boulders of human genius that they were promised but have yet to receive.


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