Kishida’s focus on child care leads to speculation over sale tax hike

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Kishida’s focus on child care leads to speculation over sale tax hike
Many fear a consumption tax hike could drag down business and household spending, hampering economic growth.
Japan faces heavy snowfall amid once-in-a-decade cold snap
Low-lying areas including central Tokyo — which rarely sees snowfall — could also face impacts as a strong winter pressure pattern develops over Japan.
What you need to know on laws involving electric bikes in Japan
A case of e-bikes that break the legal speed limit raises concern over the laws and regulations pertaining to high-tech bikes.
U.S. confronts China over companies’ ties to Russian war effort
A finding that Chinese companies were supporting the invasion would have troubling implications for U.S. policy toward Beijing as Washington seeks to stabilize ties.
Nagasaki Prefecture ordered to pay damages to U.S. woman over harassment
The Nagasaki court ordered the local government to pay ¥500,000 to an American woman who said she had suffered mental anguish due to sexual harassment …
COVID-19 tracker: Tokyo reports 7,306 new cases
The seven-day average of new cases came to 6,458.4, compared with 10,855.6 a week earlier.

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Ryugu asteroid helping unravel mysteries of life’s origins on Earth
Since Hayabusa2 returned with a sample from the Ryugu asteroid in December 2020, several important discoveries have been made.
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Turkey has been one of NATO’s most steadfast members, but no one wants to force the alliance to make a tough choice over Finland and …
Echizen forged knives sought after by chefs overseas
Echizen Uchihamono blades are forged by hand using techniques carefully passed down from around 700 years ago. The knives, despite being light and thin, are …
For some players at the Australian Open, no spotlight is no problem
In tennis, there is a long history of success and exposure crushing champions or sucking the joy out of them.
Chris Hipkins’ journey from a police cell to New Zealand’s next prime minister
Hipkins, 44, faces an uphill battle to win Labor a third term in office in an Oct. 14 election, with his party trailing the main …

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