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Animated Video Explains Why Bill Kristol Wanted A “War on Terror”

How 9/11 Provided the Faceless Enemy The Empire Needed

The final installment of our animated series America: From Republic to Empire explores how the war on terror gave Washington the perfect global enemy following the collapse of the Soviet Union. This video looks at how the plans of neoconservatives, such as Bill Kristol and Robert Kagan, for a “New American Century” benefitted from the events of September 11, continuing to shape US foreign policy today.

As this series has explained over its nine episodes, the foreign policy of the American empire is a betrayal of this nation’s early republican roots. Instead of serving our national defense, it has rewarded the ambition of militant politicians and the financial interests of large corporations. The cost has been the blood of patriots and innocents, the erosion of our liberties at home, and an incalculable financial burden.

It is the mission of offerings like America: From Republic to Empire to awaken new audiences to the realities of our corrupt political order. We hope you will share these videos with friends, family, and students. For more content like this, check our other video offerings, including Economics for Beginners and What Has Government Done to Our Money?

This project is only possible thanks to the incredible generosity of Jim Kluttz.

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