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Drug Decriminalization Behind Terrifying Cartel-Style Killings In California

This is an idiotic article. California does not have drug decriminalization. Real decriminalization means people who want drugs buy from legitimate vendors like drugstores and liquor stores. California may have reduced penalties for simple possession but maintains drug prohibition and cartels still control the drug trade. There is a difference between being a “conservative” and being retarded.

“You do not want this to become the norm in the United States”

A 16-year-old mother, Alissa Parraz, and her infant son, Nycholas Nolan Parraz (above), were discovered in a ditch outside their home in California’s central valley last week. Both victims had been shot in the head. The baby was still cradled in his mother’s arms. Experts fear the killings signal the arrival of cartel-style violence in the U.S.

Over the last 30 years, many voters and policymakers in California and other states came to believe that decriminalizing drugs would reduce and even end drug-related violence in America. As drugs like marijuana were decriminalized and penalties for the possession of harder drugs were reduced from felonies to misdemeanors, the thinking went, we would see a decline in criminal gangs, mafias, and cartels that use violence to control production and distribution and to resolve disputes over market territory.

It’s now clear that the opposite has occurred. California’s marijuana decriminalization incentivized Mexican drug cartels to create illegal farms in the state’s redwood forests and bring their criminal lifestyles along with them. Cartel-connected murders, gun fights, sex trafficking, and missing persons are on the rise in Humboldt County. Environmental pollution from illegal pot farms is increasing. And the cartels have so frightened residents that they asked reporters with The Los Angeles Times not to use their names.


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