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Together, We Killed Davos, So Take 50% Off

And we’re just getting started!

A week ago, journalists were writing excitedly about attending the World Economic Forum conference in Davos. Now, they’re reporting that: the event skyrocketed demand for prostitutes; not a single A-list celebrity, billionaire, or head of state attended; and “Klaus Schwab will stay in office until he dies.”

By this time next year, Davos will be seen as a reputational risk to politicians, celebrities, and CEOs alike.

Most of the credit for killing Davos goes to Russell Brand and Glenn Beck, who have criticized WEF from the Left and the Right for years.

But we were proud to play a role, publishing a viral article on Sunday about how WEF is a cult wrapped in a scam wrapped in a bid for global domination.

To celebrate the death of Davos, we’re taking 50% off annual subscriptions until 12 Midnight (eastern) this Sunday, January 22.


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