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1/20/23 Weekly Roundup: Santos Steals Money from Disabled Veteran, CNN Defends MLK Statue, Men Cutting Back Work Hours, CSPAN Full Time Control of House Cameras, Single Woke Democratic Female Voting Bloc, James Li On World Economic Forum

In this Weekly Roundup we discuss George Santos allegedly stealing 3,000 dollars from a disabled Veteran’s GoFundMe surgery for his dog, CNN defends the new “Phallic” MLK monument, the story behind an Arizona Suburb who’s water was shut off, a study showing that high earning Men are cutting back in work hours not quitting, a discussion on giving CSPAN full time control over the cameras in Congress, the rise of the Single, Woke, Democratic Female voter bloc, and our partner James Li covering The World Economic Forum’s predictions of an incoming Recession and if there’s more going on than meets the eye.

Timestamps: Santos: 00:00 MLK: 8:22 AZ Water: 13:44 Men Work: 19:26 CSPAN: 24:15 SWF: 33:10 James Li: 42:57 AUSTIN LIVE SHOW FEB 3RD Tickets:…

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