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Japan to downgrade COVID classification as it seeks to ‘live with the virus’

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Japan to downgrade COVID classification as it seeks to ‘live with the virus’
The downgrade is likely to happen in the spring and will mean an end to quarantine guidelines for COVID-19 patients. The government will also review …
Over 70% of Tokyo’s small and midsize firms have no plans to raise wages this year
While top firms have already announced wage increases following Kishida’s call for a hike that exceeds inflation, the survey shows that this may prove to …
Anti-stalking orders proving no safety guarantee for victims
A police order that forbade Susumu Terauchi from approaching his ex-girlfriend Miki Kawano did not stop the suspect from fatally stabbing the woman on a …
Suicides in Japan increase in 2022, with first rise among men in 13 years
Deaths among men rose by 604 to 14,543, leading to 21,584 suicides in the country overall, an increase of 577 from the previous year.
COVID-19 tracker: Tokyo logs 6,603 new coronavirus cases
On Thursday, the daily number of new COVID-19 cases in Japan came to 95,971, almost halving from the week-before level of 183,224.
NTT East to trial farming of edible crickets using AI and other tech
The project will utilize technologies such as sensors that will optimize temperature and humidity to provide suitable conditions for the crickets to grow.

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Out of Nile, into tile: Young Egyptians battle plastic plague
Entrepreneurial young Egyptians are helping combat their country’s huge plastic waste problem by recycling garbage that usually ends up in landfills or the Nile.
What’s not to like about Rudd’s appointment as Canberra’s man in Washington?
Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has the resume and qualifications to serve Canberra well in Washington.
Mao Fujita makes Mozart’s sonatas his own
The 24-year-old concert pianist adds flourish to familiar melodies ahead of his debut recital at New York’s hallowed Carnegie Hall.
Takakeisho defeats Onosho, creating three-way tie for the lead
Takakeisho will enter the final weekend of the 15-day meet tied at 10-3 with two others after continuing his head-to-head dominance of the overnight leader …
When the big wave doesn’t break, but your emotions do
Most big-wave contests hold the event once it is called, even if conditions change after it has been greenlit. But not the Eddie Aikau Big …
Blackhawks end 26-year regular-season losing streak in Philadelphia
The Blackhawks’ last regular-season win in Philadelphia came all the way back on Nov. 9, 1996, with the Blackhawks losing 14 straight regular-season games in …

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