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Today’s top news: January 16, 2023 Japan Times- Japan looks beyond U.S. alliance for help to deter China military

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Japan looks beyond U.S. alliance for help to deter China military
Yet Japan’s deepening unease about the dangers in its neighborhood has prompted a fresh push to build a bulwark of other partnerships.
Eisai and Biogen apply for approval of Alzheimer’s drug in Japan
The two companies hope to gain approval by the end of the year following the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s decision earlier in the month …
India-Japan defense ties enter new phase with first joint fighter drills
The ASDF said that the purpose of the exercises is to “promote mutual understanding, strengthen defense cooperation between the air forces” and enhance the ASDF’s …
Traders eye chance of further BOJ tweaks with ‘Pandora’s box open’
Another increase in the key 10-year yield’s permitted trading ceiling is seen as the most likely course of action, should the BOJ act.
Japan and South Korea discuss Seoul’s proposal to solve wartime labor dispute
The Japanese government is expected to back the proposed solution so long as it can maintain its position on the issue of compensation, sources familiar …
The drug mules carrying Europe’s cocaine in their guts
More than a sixth of the cocaine consumed in France is smuggled inside the bodies of drug mules from its poverty-stricken South American region of …

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The race to save the Japanese giant salamander
River infrastructure is causing the salamander’s decline. To stop Japan from losing this rare species, conservationists are calling for an alternative vision of rural development.
Why the fed needs to take the digital yuan seriously
The e-CNY will be more than just a paperless version of cash for China’s local economy, its use in trade settlements would pose a challenge …
Rafael Nadal victorious at Australian Open but heartbreak for Nick Kyrgios
Top-seeded Nadal recovered from a second-set wobble to defeat the 38th-ranked Briton 7-5, 2-6, 6-4, 6-1 at Rod Laver Arena.
Japan startups team with farmers to put tech to work in agriculture
From robots to AI to blockchain, technological innovations are being harnessed to improve Japan’s farming industry and its aging workforce.

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