Tens of thousands protest new far-right Israeli government in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv —Tens of thousands of Israelis turned out in the rain Saturday night to protest the country’s new government — led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — which includes far-right, ultraconservative and religious parties. The Netanyahu coalition’s proposed policies pose a threat to democracy and human rights in Israel, the protesters say.

More than 80,000 people demonstrated in Tel Aviv, according to local media, and smaller protests took place outside Netanyahu’s residence in Jerusalem, and in Haifa.

“This is a fight for our homes, for our future, for the future of our children,” Victor, 46, told CBS News.

Protest against Netanyahu's government in Israel
People stage a protest against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government at Habima Square in Tel Aviv, Israel, on Jan. 14, 2023. Mostafa Alkharouf/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Among what demonstrators oppose includes proposed judicial reforms that critics say would undermine the Israeli Supreme Court and Israel’s system of democratic checks and balances. The reforms would give Israel’s parliament the power to overturn supreme court decisions with a simple majority vote, as well as power over the appointment of judges.

“It is the same way as every modern liberal democracy has fallen,” Victor said. “This is the initial step…To divide and cancel the link between the different branches of government.”

The country was facing the “highest possible” stakes, Victor added.


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