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Davos Is A Grift And A Cult But It’s Also A Bid For Global Domination

“It’s a Ponzi scheme,” says an insider, “but it’s also a cult.”

World Economic Fund Founder Chairman Klaus Schwab speaking at the G-20 meeting Indonesia last November.

The World Economic Forum, which meets this week in Davos, Switzerland, is fighting back against conspiracy theorists who say it and its founder Klaus Schwab are seeking global domination through a “great reset” aimed at stripping the masses of their private property, de-industrializing the economy, and making everybody eat bugs.

“‘Own nothing, be happy’ — you might have heard the phrase,” wrote World Economic Forum (WEF) Managing Director Adrian Monck last August. “It started life as a screenshot, culled from the Internet by an anonymous anti-semitic account on the image board 4chan. ‘Own nothing, be happy – The Jew World Order 2030’, said the post, which went viral among extremists.”

But what Monck claimed was inaccurate. The phrase, “Own nothing, be happy,” hadn’t originated on 4chan; it originated on WEF’s website. “Welcome to 2030,” read the headline to an article by a Danish member of parliament, “I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better.” In 2020, after the backlash to the article, WEF took the post down


At the same time, WEF can hardly be said to be a conspiracy. Davos is one of the most heavily publicized events in the world. Every conference, including this year’s, results in hundreds of articles about the world leaders, celebrities, and billionaires who attend the conference. This year’s 700-plus attendees will include heads of state, including German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, and CEOs, including Larry Fink from Blackrock.

But the WEF has proven to be highly secretive, even as it urges corporations to disclose more information. When Public asked WEF how Klaus Schwab Foundation invests its assets, a WEF spokesperson noted that the Foundation differs from WEF and added, “Swiss law does not require financial reporting for foundations.”


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