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How to actually catch up on sleep

January 14, 2023
Hello, Insiders. Welcome to our first weekend edition of Insider Today! Our weekday goal is to bring you the most fascinating stories in the world to help you tackle your day. But this edition? We’re going to have a bit more fun.


We’re a 24/7 newsroom, so we’re still bringing you the latest fascinating news, but we’re also sharing the fun, wild, and aspirational stories you’re looking for on your day off from work. Plus, this is where we’ll be sharing your letters. This week, a ton of you had extremely interesting responses to my exploration of the state of crypto — that’s below. But first…


— Nicholas Carlson

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The big story
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Imagine being stuck on a train that’s delayed for 20 hours. Well, that happened to this woman.


Mary-Jane Crowley and her husband, Mike, expected to arrive at their Florida destination by Tuesday morning aboard the Amtrak Auto Train from northern Virginia — a 17-hour ride.


But several hours into the journey, Crowley said the ride unraveled into a “Twilight Zone” of frustration, confusion, and what will likely be her last locomotive experience.


The Amtrak passengers eventually arrived at the Florida station on Wednesday after a 20-hour delay, apparently caused by a freight derailment. Amtrak told Insider that the incident forced the train to take a detour.


But while they were stuck, the approximately 563 passengers — per ABC News — recalled the train being stranded in the woods and at one point feeling as if they were held hostage. (A conductor had to reassure riders that that was not the case.)

“Nobody could get off of this train,” Crowley told Insider. “There were people who were starting to get irate.”


Top reads

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Take a look
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Ever wondered what it’s like to fly first class on British Airways? Well, take a look. Insider’s Kiera Fields got a free upgrade on her flight from NY to London — and the luxurious perks were as absurd as you’d imagine. Check out the pics here.
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One of our most popular videos ever: Here’s how illegal items are found and destroyed at New York City’s JFK Airport. Give it a watch.
Letters to the editor
This week, I focused my daily notes on exploring what’s going on in crypto — and seeing if there’s any reason to be hopeful. Here’s what some of you told me:


  • “The crypto market will mature as a potentially viable currency. However, the industry will need to bring grown-ups into the room and leave the hype/frat boy individuals, mentality, and antics out of it.” – Fredrick
  • “All the money anyone ever made in crypto, all the Lambos, all the mining rigs, all the electricity bills, is money that other punters have lost on crypto, or are going to lose on crypto.” – Rick
  • “Blockchain has already moved beyond the valley of despair and demonstrated its sustainability.” – Larry
  • “It was always an experimental technology. There has not been a breakthrough application.” – Anastasia

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