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The most useless college majors

January 13, 2023
Hello, Insiders. After our week digging into crypto, here’s my conclusion: It’s going to be a dark time for crypto in the years ahead. I suspect we understand very little about how a zero-interest-rate environment propped up the market. And I expect that a lot of people who made what looked like very quick money will see it go very quickly, too.


That said, there’s been a number of technological innovations that might become a big part of our lives. I’m just skeptical of anyone who claims to know the values those will create. Then again, I would have said this a decade ago — and maybe that’s why I don’t own a vacation home purchased with crypto earnings! But as one reader wrote to me: “Live in the present. You can’t predict the future. It’s not that complicated.”

Let me know your conclusions as well: We’re going to have our first Saturday edition of the newsletter tomorrow! We’ll share more of your responses then.


— Nicholas Carlson

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Career experts dish on the 12 most useless college majors.


It’s hard enough to afford college. But what about the degrees that best help you afford life after college?


A recent survey from ZipRecruiter found that a whopping 44% of respondents with college degrees regretted their major of choice. But that same survey found the highest-paid respondents were pretty happy with their college path.


With that in mind, Insider reached out to experts — career coaches, recruiters, and counselors — to weigh in on the college majors that are unlikely to give you a good return on your investment.

From acting to philosophy to communications, the experts identified 12 majors that are most likely to limit your career options and salary potential.


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