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Award-winning documentary from The Nation

A documentary about confronting our painful history–and meeting unsung heroes who changed the world.
The Road to Justice follows two groups on The Nation’s Civil Rights tour through the American South as they reckon with the profound racial injustices of our recent past. One group is composed predominantly of Black middle-school students from Chicago: the other is made up of older Americans who lived through the 1960s Civil Rights era. The film is a testament to the power of place and direct experience in creating transformational change.

It is also a call to action.

Filmmakers Kaliya Warren and Brendan Hall ask the question: Does the arc of moral universe truly bend toward justice? And what does justice mean, when the atrocities of our past are only a grandparent away? How can we heal as a nation without confronting our history?

The powerful 30-minute documentary is available for institutional and community screenings via Video Project and for individual streaming on Kanopy. A 16-page discussion guide that includes questions to consider, people to know, a historical timeline, places to explore, and books to read is also available upon request.

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