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Today’s top news: January 9, 2023 Japan Times-Kishida kicks off trip to Europe and U.S. to pave way for G7 summit

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Kishida kicks off trip to Europe and U.S. to pave way for G7 summit
The Japanese leader is planning to visit France, Italy, Britain, Canada and the U.S., as the leaders of those countries are expected to attend May’s …
Japan to restart scaled-down domestic travel discount program
The maximum discount to be awarded per tourist, per night will be lowered from ¥11,000 to ¥7,000, including shopping coupons that can be used at …
Japan’s Coming of Age Day sees shifts following lowered age of adulthood
Local governments are taking diverging approaches to the ceremonies held on the day, with some continuing to only hold them for 20-year-olds.
Japan to build up defenses from 2023, with China and North Korea in mind
The shift comes amid Beijing’s growing bellicosity and Pyongyang’s rapid advances in missile and nuclear technology.
Work to create single Yamanote Line platform at Shibuya Station is completed
On Monday, many passengers and railway fans were seen on the new platform, which is up to 3 meters wider, with trains arriving on both …
Japan to require negative COVID-19 test from Macao travelers
The change, which goes into effect Thursday, means travelers from the Chinese territory must present a negative coronavirus test within 72 hours of departing for …


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China conducts large-scale joint ‘combat’ drill around Taiwan
China sent a contingent of 57 warplanes around Taiwan in the 24 hours through Monday morning, just days after new U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, …
Don’t pay people to leave Tokyo. Make more Tokyos.
Trying to arrest rural depopulation, Japan wants people to quit Tokyo, its greatest metropolis. How about creating new ones instead?
Make sure your nouns and verbs match when talking about what to wear
Did you notice more kimono than usual being worn on Jan. 9 this year? That’s because it was Coming of Age Day, an occasion for …
Tobizaru takes down ozeki Takakeisho on second day of New Year Tournament
The former komusubi remained a thorn in Takakeisho’s side as he racked up his second straight head-to-head win over the ozeki.
As Asian societies age, ‘retirement’ just means more work
Across East Asia, populations are graying faster than anywhere else in the world, and while younger generations shrink, older workers are often toiling well into …
The U.S. keeps offering China its COVID vaccines. China keeps saying no.
China has rebuffed repeated offers to share advanced vaccines as it battles a COVID-19 wave, a rejection that’s frustrated American officials concerned about a resurgence …
Naomi Osaka’s withdrawal from Australian Open raises questions about star’s future
Tennis writer Ben Rothenberg, who has authored a biography of Osaka due out later this year, believes she has already taken a “meaningful step back” …

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