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Daily News: January 6, 2023 The Week-Everything George Santos has lied about

Peter  Weber
A running list of George Santos’ apparent lies
Harold  Maass
What should happen to George Santos?
Peter  Weber
Gaetz: I’ll resign if Dems ‘join up to elect a moderate Republican’
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Peter  Weber
Herschel Walker staffer accuses CPAC chair of sexual assault
Devika  Rao
How the suspected Idaho killer was caught
Rafi  Schwartz
Marjorie Taylor Greene goes mainstream
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Becca  Stanek
How to save money in 2023
Brendan  Morrow
Harry: ‘I was probably bigoted’ before relationship with Meghan
Rep. Matt Gaetz votes for Donald Trump over Kevin McCarthy as speaker
Rafi Schwartz
Damar Hamlin has shown ‘remarkable improvement,’ Bills say
Brigid Kennedy
What happens if the House can’t pick a speaker?
David Faris
The breakup of the United Methodist Church
Peter Weber
Ukraine claims 1,200 Russian casualties in week of artillery, missile strikes
Peter Weber
Mad Dogs surfer Márcio Freire killed in Nazaré, Portugal
January 6, 2023
U.S. employers exceed expectations by adding 223,000 jobs in December
January 6, 2023
The Southwest Airlines meltdown, by the numbers
January 6, 2023
Prince Harry: ‘I was probably bigoted’ before relationship with Meghan Markle
January 6, 2023

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