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JFK, the CIA and What It Means to Us

You may have heard Tucker Carlson make the claim on his show that a source told him that the CIA was responsible for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Whether that claim is true or not is irrelevant to this post. What I do find to be a key observation is that not one single individual who has the authority to speak for the CIA has stepped up and accused Tucker of promoting “fake news.” And I believe there’s a reason for that.

A 2022 documentary by Matt Alford & Tom Secker titled, “Theaters of War,” exposed how the CIA, Pentagon, FBI and other alphabet agencies exert control and influence over movies and TV shows that are “produced” to entertain the public…and propagandize them. One of the key takeaways from the knowledge that government agencies are involved in the production and writing of these “programs” is the fact that the FBI and CIA don’t always slant the message in the direction of their being the “good guys.” The Al Pacino movie “The Recruit” is an example where the CIA is painted in a bad light. Why would they paint themselves poorly? In my opinion, it’s to let you know what they’re capable of.

We live in an epoch in which the president of the United States went on TV, in front of a background that appears to be out of a dystopian movie and declared up to half of the country’s population to be possible enemies of the State and “semi-fascists.” So, why should we be surprised that the CIA would remain silent when accused of literally blowing the head off a sitting president? What does that silence mean for those of us who see this regime as an enemy of mankind? It should tell us that the mask is off. Where in the past the regime and its agencies were coy with their threats, they no longer feel they must be.  The regime has clearly drawn the line between friend and enemy.  This overt confidence should be interpreted as a dire warning to be heeded.  As much as we dislike their approach, we must allow it to inform how we go forward and the decisions we make.  We must be brave, but we must be shrewd.


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