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Today’s top news: January 5, 2023 Japan Times- Indictment draws near for Abe assassination suspect

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Indictment draws near for Abe assassination suspect
Tetsuya Yamagami is currently in detention and undergoing psychiatric evaluation, but the period for that process is set to expire soon.
Sony-Honda EV alliance unveils Afeela brand and Qualcomm partnership
The first model under the Afeela brand is expected to be delivered in 2026 in North America and will be based on a prototype debuted …
U.S. looks to work with Japan to boost women’s job opportunities in science and tech
A U.S. official said she is certain that gender equality will be discussed by U.S. President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Fumio Kishida when they …
Behind North Korea’s money-making apparatus funding its military might
As missiles fly overhead, a complex web of operations underneath funnels money to North Korea’s leadership and funds its nuclear weapons program.
Brazil’s Bolsonaro faces legal risks after losing immunity
Bolsonaro’s future may hinge on the path charted by crusading Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes, as well as on the calculations of new President …
COVID-19 tracker: Tokyo reports 20,735 new cases
Tokyo confirmed 20,735 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday, up by about 2,300 from a week before.


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CCTV cameras will watch over Egyptians in new high-tech capital
Installing more than 6,000 surveillance cameras across the New Administrative Capital may help with safety, but it also gives authorities an unparalleled ability to police …
Prime Minister Kishida’s 2023 survival strategy
Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has a tough road ahead, but he is politically savvy and has been adept at making the moves necessary to …
Listen up! Podcasts can help with that perennial resolution to learn Japanese
It’s New Year’s resolution time, did you make yours? If you’re looking to improve your Japanese listening skills in 2023 then these podcasts have you …
‘Angry Son’: A sensitive portrayal of modern youth
Kazuki Horike gives a standout performance as a gay biracial teen in Kasho Iizuka’s flawed but heartfelt coming-of-age tale.
NFL and medical experts caution against speculation about cause of Damar Hamlin’s condition
“Reckless speculation on social media is a source of disinformation and could lead to other unintended negative consequences,” physicians wrote in an open letter.
How pro-Putin operatives in Germany work to turn Berlin against Ukraine
Several million Russian speakers live in Germany, a legacy of Soviet ties to Communist East Germany and decades of German dependency on Russian gas.
Growing pains: Niseko-area town of Kutchan faces questions over sustainable development
With tourism to Japan having fully resumed, developers are once again looking at the Niseko area as a place to invest and build. But can …

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