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Today’s top news: January 1, 2023 Japan Times-Japan’s monetary policy outlook more cloudy than ever

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Japan’s monetary policy outlook more cloudy than ever
Expectations have been shaken by a recent surprise move by the Bank of Japan, and speculation over its next governor is also adding to the …
Kishida pledges that Japan will play leading role in diplomacy in new year
Japan will host of the Group of Seven summit in Hiroshima and serve as a nonpermanent U.N. Security Council member this year.
Japanese journalist injured in Russian missile attack on Kyiv
A man with the Asahi Shimbun daily is believed to be the first Japanese journalist injured in Ukraine amid the ongoing conflict.
Japan logged 27.5 million new COVID-19 cases in 2022
As highly infectious omicron variants of the virus surged throughout the country, new deaths linked to the virus totaled 39,158.
Japan Times 1948: Tojo’s stock rises but he is not likely to become a martyr
News at the start of the new year often focuses on holiday celebrations and feel-good stories as the front pages of 1923 and 1948 show.
Japan emperor wishes 2023 to be year of hope amid pandemic and war
The 62-year-old took note of the many hardships people have gone through amid the continued impact of the pandemic, as well as a rise in …

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What to expect in the Year of the Rabbit
If 2022 felt a little hectic, the next 12 months could offer opportunities for relaxation, quietness and contemplation.
First-ever Japan-led sake brewery to open on U.S.’ East Coast
If sake can make it in the Big Apple, it can make it anywhere.
What is the link between winter storms and global warming?
While the link between global warming and heat waves is very direct, the behavior of winter storms is governed by complex atmospheric dynamics.
Arata Isozaki, prolific Japanese architect, dies at 91
In major structures in a dozen countries, including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, Isozaki absorbed and reinterpreted Eastern and Western traditions.
With borders reopened, Tokyo dining closed 2022 on a welcome high
For all the ups and downs of 2022, Tokyo’s culinary scene seems poised for a big year in 2023.

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