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Saturday Commentary and Review #107 How Britain Built Diversity, Istvan Hont Revisited, al-Qaida and China, Laibach on Art and Europe, The Crypto Art Crash


“The Great Replacement isn’t real” but the Great Replenishment is…..or something. It wasn’t all that long ago that the Brits voted for #Brexit because they did not want to see happen to their country what Angela Merkel was doing to Germany. They voted for #Brexit and Boris Johnson went on to deliver it. In the meantime, migrants continued to flood the UK, the precise thing that supporters of #Brexit voted (in spirit) to discontinue!

#Brexit was one of two populist revolts in the Anglosphere that actually won what it set out to do….initially. Unlike Trump’s subverted #MAGA, #Brexit was instead co-opted by the party that pushed it through (albeit unwillingly), delivering on the promise of exiting the EU, but doing absolutely nothing to halt the steady flow of migrants washing ashore. Control over state borders is a key feature of national sovereignty, the restoration of which was supposed to occur via #Brexit. It would be one thing if Brits were in favour of the large-scale migration happening in their country right now, but they clearly are not. This is being done over their heads despite their best efforts to stop it. In short, it is an elite-driven policy.

Why is this being done to Britain? The economic reasoning is obvious: wage suppression to increase profits and market competitiveness for what little the UK manufactures these days. The other reasons are much more politically charged and have required ex post facto justification. “Diversity” as inherently good is one of these justifications, and is the subject of this interesting essay that seeks to debunk the ‘Windrush Myth’ upon which Britain’s current diversity-mania is built.


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