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Threats against lawmakers continue to surge, Capitol Police say

By Sri Ravipati

U.S. Capitol Police recorded more than 9,000 threats against members of Congress this past year, Chief of Police Thomas Manger said Monday during a Senate Rules Committee hearing.

Why it matters: Threats against federal lawmakers have surged about 400% in the past six years, Manger said, calling it “a sobering number.”

What he’s saying: “I cannot overstate the scope, breadth, and intensity of the nation’s current threat climate,” Manger said in his opening statement. “Hate, intolerance, and violence are part of this disturbing trend.”

  • “This past year the Department saw more than 9,000 threats against Members of Congress,” Manger said.
  • “The attacks on Rep. Lee Zeldin and Paul Pelosi, as well as the threats directed towards other members of Congress, are a sad reminder of the extent to which our social fabric has frayed.”

The big picture: Violence and threats of violence against lawmakers have been on the rise since former President Trump took office in 2017, stoking fear among members of Congress.

What’s next: Manger noted Monday that since the Jan. 6 insurrection, Capitol Police has “made great strides” toward improving security and addressing staffing shortages, but said “there is still more work to be done.”


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