Religion and Philosophy

The refounding of the church

To sustain our ability to stand apart from the world we must rediscover the covenant

I go to church daily… but only with close friends, and mostly in the virtual world. These church conversations are a continuing reflection on moral matters, located in the explicit context of an information and spiritual war. I have learned a lot by deeply reflecting on the behaviour of myself and others from a divine viewpoint.

I never attend ceremonies at any formal building, I don’t associate with any named congregation, and I don’t have a label for my beliefs. For that matter, I refuse to participate in organised religion or official ritual in any way or form. What follows are personal observations on spiritual life that I have solely distilled from these explorations with wise colleagues.

Based on my experience of fighting in this war, I am making the case for a refounding of the church around its singular existential principle: a holy covenant, not a worldly contract. My assertion is that we must do this, especially in America, if the dysfunctional patterns of the past are to be terminated. Otherwise, our fighting efforts will be wasted, and peace will not last.

This (lengthy) essay is meant to appeal to a wide audience of varied belief and faith, but may be challenging for some who are deeply attached to the current format. Take from this what works for you; I don’t pretend to have final answers, only a synthesis that draws on my observational talents. It is a starting point for debate, and a provocation to up our collective game, especially with respect to children.

The West is split spiritually

A rough dividing up of our “advanced” technocratic society would possibly list the following competing factions:

  • Scientific materialists/atheists
  • Orthodox Christian churches
  • Catholicism
  • Other established “respectable” churches
  • New agers
  • Hedonists
  • Satanists and Luciferians
  • Cults
  • Imports (Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism)
  • Outcasts (Gypsies, Jews)

Reasonable people could disagree with this list, and we could debate the exact makeup. The purpose is just to highlight how we are fractured, so lack a unity of spirit. What is notable is that most of these have recently aligned to a radical leftist agenda, at least to some degree. There has been widespread Marxist infiltration of churches, and proven rampant paedophilia.

Priests have placed muzzles on children forcing them into slave-like depersonalisation, which physically and psychologically harms them. Evangelists have encouraged their flocks to take dangerous DNA-altering injections, due to fear of an invisible threat, and submit to state tyranny. The flags being flown on churchgoer property widely indicate support for literal Nazis in Ukraine, Green eco-fascism, as well the sexual grooming (and transgender mutilation) of children.


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