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The Achilles’ Heel of the Western ‘elites’

s some of you may know, I often turn to the ancient myths, left to us by our ancestors, for advice and guidance about the issues facing us today. The classical Greek myth about Achilles and his heel contains much wisdom about how the mighty are toppled, and quite quickly too, due to a minor, or overlooked vulnerability, at the early planning stages.

So if we’re feeling quite overwhelmed by the sheer size, scale and speed of the roll-out of Usual Suspects agenda to control us, via the Great Reset, we may not realise that it is that sheer size, scale and more importantly, speed of that roll-out that is, in itself, their Achilles Heel.

If you’re not familiar with the story, let me explain. Achilles was the greatest and fiercest warrior of all time, and he starred in the Greek myths that used the Trojan Wars as a story device. Achilles’ mother had protected him, as a babe, by dunking him in the River Styx, and this had given him a sort of Otherworldly, invisible armour. However, she had held him by the left heel, which was not submerged in the water. So all was well until the battle for Troy, when Paris shot Achilles in the heel of his foot with a poisoned arrow, and it killed him.

This is what’s meant by a tragedy – as opposed to a comedy – in Greek drama. A tragedy is not just when something bad or fatal occurs. A tragedy is when the seed for the bad or fatal event is sewn in the pattern of a person’s life from the outset. It just needed the right conditions to flower.

So this tragedy could not have been avoided; the means of Achilles’ death was inbuilt into the journey of his life, when his mother failed to submerge his left foot. It is a story about the inevitability of a failure that’s already built in to the weave… and I see that inevitability of failure today.

The Achilles’ Heel of the Western ruling elite is huge and highly visible. They are going too far, too fast.


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