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Daughter of Nancy Pelosi Reveals More Details After Father’s Attack

December 11, 2022
Crime and Incidents
Daughter of Nancy Pelosi Reveals More Details After Father’s Attack
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Seek Justice: Uncovering China’s Dark Secrets
A former journalist and her family struggle to settle in America while seeking justice for the murder of her sister at the hands of Chinese authorities. She is also exposing the corruption, torture, and slave labor happening in the Chinese labor camps.

Exclusive interviews with former Chinese Communist Party officials reveal the hidden world of terror many Chinese citizens live in without knowing that life can exist with freedom outside their world.

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Threat from Communist China
2 More Secret CCP Police Stations Discovered in LA, New York: Report
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Social Issues
University of Idaho Settles Christian Students’ Lawsuit
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VIDEO: Boy, 3, Shares Special Bond With His Mare, and They Love Exchanging High-Fives
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Epoch Cinema
EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTARY—The Final War: The 100-Year Plot to Defeat America
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Epoch Sudoku
Sudoku Easy Central
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