Orwell and Huxley Were Wrong about Elites

Most of you have either read, or are familiar with, the best known works of George Orwell and Aldous Huxley. In case you are still wondering, I am talking about 1984 and Brave New world. I am reasonably sure that most of you have also read many “expert” opinions about which of these two fictional dystopias is closer to present day reality. Some see Orwell as being more prescient, others think Huxley was more accurate and there are those who think both got some parts right. But this post is not about who got it more right. Instead, I will examine one unconscious, but very crucial assumption, that is common to both books.

Did you notice that the elites in both books are very intelligent, hyper-competent, disciplined and restrained in their personal greed?

Have you ever wondered why elites in both dystopias have elites are remarkably alike? And more importantly, could either dystopia function for any extended period of time without that feature? In Huxley’s book the elite alpha are literally bred to be like that, while Orwell talks a lot about careful selection and whetting of people for positions in the Inner Party. Both also describe the elaborate precautions and constant pressures to keep things that way.

But is this assumption remotely realistic or feasible under any set of conditions? And how do you reach that state to begin with?

As I have said in many of older posts on a previous blog, the elites in every single society throughout human history attained their position through chance and luck. They were, and are, NOT the smartest, most competent, most creative, most capable or even the most greedy or sociopathic. They just got lucky for a variety of reasons such as birth parents, era and country they were born in or chance meetings with people who had the right complementary abilities.

Scamming others in believing that they deserve their position and riches has been the only real “special” ability of all elites throughout human history.

Basically every single elite from the ruling class of the first Mesopotamian city states or Egyptian Kingdoms to an associate at Goldman-Sachs, BlackRock or any other western “financial” institutions are, first and foremost, con artists. This also applies to the heads of every large institution with a hierarchy- from head priests in bronze age temples to the upper management in modern corporations and universities. Even institutions operating under paradigms other than capitalism (of any flavor) tend to be led by the same type of people. Do you really think that the elites in USSR or Mao-led China were that different from their counterparts in “western” capitalist countries?


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