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Morning News: December 6, 2022 Epoch Times- Arizona Certifies 2022 Midterm Election Results

December 6, 2022
“Because if you’ve found meaning in your life, you don’t want to go back. You want to go forward.”
2022 Midterm Elections
Arizona Certifies 2022 Midterm Election Results
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US News

Fauci’s Deposition in Big Tech Censorship Case Released

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Kash’s Corner

Kash’s Corner: Could the Jan. 6 Committee Destroy Evidence? Musk Announces Twitter Censorship Files Release

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Florida School Cuts Ties With LGBT Group Over Explicit Card Game

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US News

Musk Reveals Details of Behind-the-Scenes Twitter Operation to Censor Hunter Biden Laptop Story

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Executive Branch

Biden Administration Drained Strategic Petroleum Reserve to Save ‘Global Economy’: White House Adviser

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Big Tech, Censorship, and Socialism

Katie Hobbs’ Office Sought Removal of Election ‘Misinformation’ from Twitter

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Constitutional Rights

Supreme Court Sympathetic to Christian Web Designer Who Opposes Colorado Law Forcing Her to Honor Same-Sex Weddings

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‘Superhero’ Teen Spends a Year Helping Tend Farmer’s Land After He’s Struck With Rare Autoimmune Condition

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Facts Matter

Secret Hospitals Built for Murder: the Truth Behind Massive ‘Anti-Lockdown Protests’ | Facts Matter

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Fresh Look America

Iranian Protestors Want ‘Revolution,’ Not ‘Reform’: Mary Mohammadi

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“Weird” 8-Pound Solar Device Could Save Your Life in a Dangerous Blackout

If all the recent crises have taught us anything… it’s not IF you need a backup plan, it’s WHEN.

A deadly pandemic, blackouts sweeping the nation, wildfires, hurricanes, social unrest and crumbling power grids. Crisis mode has become the new normal.

Nothing feels more vulnerable than when you’re sitting in a dangerous blackout with critical communications and protection suddenly called into question.

You simply have to have a backup power plan, no matter what your situation or budget.

Well now you can because for the FIRST TIME EVER you can get a breakthrough NEW solar device…

➞ Tested By Former Navy SEAL: See it in action!

Jeffrey A. Tucker
A Culture of Lies and the Healing Power of Truth
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Rob Natelson
Ideas that Formed the Constitution, Part 7: Cicero
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