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White Minorities, Enoch Powell And ”So What?”

An analysis of the discourse surrounding Britain’s newly released data on demographics.

This week the data on ethnicity from the 2021 census was finally released. Laura Towler from Patriotic Alternative condensed the data thus:

These figures are for England and Wales. Not to be confused with previous figures for the whole of the UK.


2011: 86.0%

2021: 81.7%

(A drop of 4.3% in 10 years)

And as part of the “White” ethnic group…


2001: 87.5%

2011: 80.5%

2021: 74.4%

Here we see a drop of around 6% over the past ten years, and a previous drop of 7% the decade before.

Personally I expected the current demographics of England and Wales to be even worse. As I opened the government document I prepared for a hammer blow but was instead met with a punch in the mouth.

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Needless to say, there’s quite a lot of heated discussion in Britain generally and on social media in particularly about what — if anything — the demographic decline of the ‘‘White British’’ (as they’re represented on the census) actually means.

As usual the water carriers of the establishment are on the hunt for anyone who thinks hurtling towards minority status in your own country might not be exactly ideal. The usual tropes and bullet-point inanities are vomited up and blurted out by left-leaning zombies, all of which are dishonest and incoherent. We deserve it, we should celebrate it, it isn’t happening, it isn’t ‘‘our country’’ and of course, we’ve been invaded in the past and so therefore it’s immoral to oppose an invasion which is (not an invasion) happening today.

Because multiculturalism and huge demographic shifts are occurring in Britain as a top-down social engineering project, and neither by the will of the people or emergent in a natural sense, the establishment’s narratives were never fully absorbed into the national psyche. Rather, there exist a set of moral assumptions we’re supposed to take for granted. The social engineering then happens as if such assumptions are granite-like foundations, which they aren’t.

A perfect example of this is a tweet by Conservative politician Sajid Javid responding to Nigel Farage:


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