Maricopa County Votes to Certify Election Results

November 29, 2022
Election Integrity
Maricopa County Votes to Certify Election Results
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[PREMIERING at 9:30 AM] The Shadow State | Documentary
Big Government is powerful. So are gigantic corporations.

What would happen if they formed an alliance to control the entire planet? The Shadow State, a new film from The Epoch Times, lifts the veil on what ESG is really all about!
Will ESG soon control the world? What would that be like?

“The Shadow State” will premiere on November 29, exclusively on EpochTV!

Facts Matter
Alt Economy Rising: Patriot Mobile Grows 50 Percent by Focusing on Supporting Conservative Values | Facts Matter
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US Features
Gender Identity Lunacy Destroys Lives, Father of Rape Victim Speaks Out
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Big Tech, Censorship, and Socialism
Elon Musk to Expose Twitter’s ‘Free Speech Suppression’—Here’s the Plan
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VIDEO: Sick Cat Picks Right Family to Ask for Help, Starting His New Life in Their Loving Home
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Photo Games
Spot the Difference Daily
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