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Daily News: November 28, 2022 The Week-Iran calls for U.S. expulsion from the World Cup

Rafi  Schwartz
The Georgia Senate runoff is a GOP free-for-all
Brigid  Kennedy
Why are NFL players pushing the league to switch to grass fields?
The Week  Staff
What is geoengineering?
Advertisement by University of Pennsylvania’s Master of Liberal Arts
Penn’s customized and flexible MLA: Attend a virtual info session.
Peter  Weber
How the World Cup is fueling China’s ‘zero COVID’ protests
The Week Staff, Justin  Klawans
6 volcanoes that could shut down the world
Devika  Rao
Iran calls for U.S. expulsion from the World Cup
Theara  Coleman
Merriam-Webster picks ‘gaslighting’ as word of the year
The Week  Staff
Charmaine Wilkerson’s 6 favorite books with themes of struggle
Anthony Fauci says United States is ‘certainly’ still in COVID-19 pandemic
Justin Klawans
Disney’s Strange World bombs at the box office
Brendan Morrow
U.S. gives green light to Chevron to pump oil in Venezuela
Justin Klawans
Chinese protests over COVID lockdowns reach boiling point in Beijing, Shanghai
Justin Klawans
6 charming homes in Queens, New York
The Week Staff
Buffalo supermarket shooter pleads guilty, will spend life in prison
November 28, 2022
Iran calls for U.S. expulsion from the World Cup claiming it ‘disrespected’ flag
November 28, 2022
Merriam-Webster picks ‘gaslighting’ as the 2022 word of the year
November 28, 2022
Netflix scores a box office win with Glass Onion theatrical release
November 28, 2022

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