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The wrongiest person who’s ever been wrong

By Tom Woods

In the old days, it would have been Bill Kristol.

Kristol couldn’t have been more disastrously wrong about one issue after another, but this never decreased the frequency with which he was invited on television to tell us all what to do.

Meanwhile, people who genuinely know what they’re talking about are out there, but their telephones never ring.

But now of course, we have the Champion of Wrong, Anthony Fauci.

He is considered “the expert.”

But he’s been wrong on schools, on natural immunity, on lockdowns, and on what would happen to the free states.

He’s so wrong, he almost undermines the very idea of an expert.

But there are real experts out there. They’re just not put on a pedestal by the regime.

And I’ll tell you something:

In my line of work, I need experts. I don’t know everything.

People ask me all kinds of questions, including very obscure ones. Some I can answer, but some I can’t.

So where do I go when I’m stumped?

If it’s a bizarre, off-the-wall, or unusually difficult question, I ask David Gordon, senior fellow of the Mises Institute. He is probably the most incredible intellect I have encountered, in terms of how deep and broad his knowledge is.

But let’s focus on more specific topics.

For questions pertaining to the U.S. Constitution, I ask Kevin Gutzman (author of James Madison and the Making of America and The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution) or Brion McClanahan (author of The Founding Fathers Guide to the Constitution).

On economics I ask Jeff Herbener (I’ve asked him probably hundreds of questions over the years) of Grove City College, and Bob Murphy, author of many books. On anarcho-capitalism, again I ask Bob.

I consult these people in particular because I know how smart they are (and by the way, each of them has been a guest on the Tom Woods Show numerous times), and how reliable they’ve been when it comes to getting my own questions answered.

When I drew up a faculty list for my Liberty Classroom, I thought: which people would I myself have given my right arm to study under? Who are the people I consult when I’m stumped, and I know I’ll get an answer?

These four exact people.

They are the best of the best.

I don’t know everything, and neither do you. Some questions can’t be answered with a search engine.

I’m glad to be able to turn to these gentlemen when I’m stumped.

I’m in this battle to win it. Genius friends are my secret weapon.

Until Black Friday weekend ends you can take 50% off our Master, lifetime membership. That includes access to my genius friends, whom you can ask any question you want.

Turbo-charge your liberty learnin’ with my genius friends (but remember: when Black Friday weekend ends, so does this deal):

Tom Woods

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