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The precise moment you knew they were lying

By Tom Woods

I’ll bet a lot of people reading this had a libertarian aha moment.

For instance, I know a guy who worked at a record store (remember those?) who used to feel oddly guilty about his job, because he couldn’t shake the idea that the store was somehow taking advantage of consumers.

Then he read Murray Rothbard’s discussion of “demonstrated preference” — which means that both parties to a voluntary transaction are made better off, or the transaction would not have occurred.

He no longer felt morally conflicted, and indeed now felt quite content, about his work.

That one little “aha” changed his whole outlook.

For you, maybe it didn’t happen until the COVID craziness.

Or maybe it was the Lincoln story. One day you discovered you’d learned a cartoon version of Lincoln in school. Not the man who favored an amendment to the Constitution forever preventing the federal government from abolishing slavery, or searched until well into the war for an acceptable place to colonize the soon-to-be-freed slaves.

A discovery like that is disorienting. Because your next thought is: what other thing I thought I knew, and which was taught to me by everyone, is also a b.s. story?

My own start came during my freshman year of college, when a fellow student told me to read Modern Times by Paul Johnson.

There, he said, I would learn that the supposedly great presidents were terrible, and the supposedly terrible ones were sometimes halfway decent.


It’s simultaneously disconcerting and exhilarating.

And of course, you want others to know what you know. Especially loved ones, and above all, your kids.

Well, lucky for you, I specialize in giving people that intellectual experience again and again.

At Liberty Classroom, my dashboard, on-the-go university for libertarians, you can learn the history and economics they kept from you.

For Black Friday I’m taking a whopping 50% off the Master, lifetime membership to the site.

That’s every truth-telling course (that you can listen to at 3am if you want) we ever create. Ever.

As a bonus, you get all the courses I created for the Ron Paul Curriculum (that’s 400+ videos, also available in audio format, on government, and on pretty much every topic in Western history from the Hebrews to the present).

It took me 25+ years to learn all that.

I’ll teach it to you while you drive around.

Bash the Establishment with a baseball bat:

Tom Woods

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