If Russia Loses in Ukraine It’s the End of the Multipolar World

I’m not sure if I agree. It seems the cat is already out of the bag.

Russell “Texas” Bentley: If Russia Loses in Ukraine It’s the End of the Multipolar World

Russell “Texas” Bentley discusses American Empire and the war in Ukraine. He considers Moscow’s invasion and Special Military Operation (SMO) to have been carried out in self-defense given NATO’s longstanding goal of destroying Russia. After the 2004 color revolution and 2014 coup Kiev became a U.S. puppet state. Russell warns that what the U.S. Empire has done abroad will now be done to Americans at home as the U.S. has become a fascist oligarchy. Russians have been wondering why Moscow has implemented certain “Great Reset” measures (e.g. QR Code passports) but Russell believes Russia is truly fighting the New World Order. Despite clear evidence of U.S. biolabs in Ukraine, the West is able to sweep that under the rug because they are winning the information war, but Russia is trying to win with the truth. If Russia loses in Ukraine it loses credibility and the dreams of the multipolar world go down the drain.

ANALYSIS: Pashinyan’s Slap in Putin’s Face

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan refused to sign a draft declaration of the CSTO. “I will not sign this document in this form, thank you,” said Pashinyan. His moves represent a slap in Putin’s face.

ANALYSIS: Iran and Hungary Bolster Economic Cooperation Further Showcasing Hungary’s Economic Independence

The woke West wants to implement some form of regime change to fundamentally transform these two societies. For that reason, along with Hungary’s realist foreign policy inclinations, Hungary and Iran will naturally gravitate as the West’s foreign maneuvers grow more woke imperialist by each passing day.

INTERVIEW: Hrvoje Morić on The Jist

Josh Hamilton of The Jist and Hrvoje from Geopolitics and Empire talk FTX, Satanist charities, CBDCs, BTC, and the UN! Hrvoje has become increasingly wary of the madness that is unfolding in the world and the powerful forces driving us towards a Social Credit System!

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