Iran Issues Mass Execution Of 15,000 Detained Anti-Hijab Protestors; Sophie Turner And Others Express Solidarity

This is your cue to raise your voice in solidarity. If not now, then when?

27 year old Kurdish Rapper Saman Yasin has been sentenced to death for joining the anti-hijab protests. The first among the detainees.

Tehran seeks to instill terror in the hearts of protestors across the country as 227 out of the 290 members of the parliament have decided to teach the arrested 15,000 Iranians a ‘good lesson’. In a brutal crackdown, nearly 15,000 protestors were detained. The ‘good lesson’ being death penalty for stepping out of the line and allegedly waging a war against the Islamic establishment via undemocratic protests. The lawmakers have asked to show no mercy and no leniency to anyone. Meanwhile there are reports of human rights abuse and sexual abuse of the female detainees. Interrogators forced female protestors to stand naked and were threatened that their private pictures will be released online.

Concerned human right organizations and activists have been rallying their voice since the very first protest in September after the killing of 22 year old Kurdish woman Mahsa Amnin, by the morality police. Amin was visiting Iran when she was rounded up on September 13, for wearing hijab improperly. The news of her death became public on September 16, causing massive outrage in Iran against the regime. The protests have witnessed many deaths of young Iranians. Many who had a promising career ahead of them. So far at least 326 people have been killed.

Women have led the protests burning their scarves and chopping their hairs in solidarity with the victims. Despite the mass execution order, citizens are not dismayed. The protests continue.


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