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Neo-Nazis Held a Secret Concert Called ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ in Mexico City

Many of the attendees made the Nazi salute popularized by Adolf Hitler, while others had tattoos of the German dictator, according to a press report.
A grab of the video taken by newspaper El Pais from the clandestine neo-Nazi concert in Mexico City.

MEXICO CITY — Hundreds of neo-Nazis showed up to a secret concert in Mexico City last month, flashing swastika tattoos and yelling out hate messages, according to a press report.

Many of the concert’s attendees—most of them men with shaved heads—made the Nazi salute popularized by Adolf Hitler during the concert, El Pais reported, while others had tattoos of the German dictator. One musician declared, “Fucking f***ts who litter my city, hang them, and burn them.”

In total, some 300 people attended the October 29 event, billed as “The Empire Strikes Back.” All were vetted to ensure they weren’t antifascists and had to show identification and a QR code at the door. A reporter with El Pais managed to gain access to the concert, the location of which was kept secret until one day beforehand, and recorded video.

Mexican bands SunCity Skins, Last Chance, and Royal Aces Convicted played at the concert, according to the publication. The Spanish band Batallón de Castigo, or Punishment Batalion, was the headliner. In 2020, its lead singer was sentenced to a year in prison for promoting white supremacist ideology.


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  1. David Duke and E. Michael Jones spoke at a more sedate pro-Axis Mexican nationalist conference in Guadalajara in about 2013. The event was in honor of the 100th birthday of pro-Hitler Mexican journalist Salvador Borrego.

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