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Morally Sanctimonious Losers and ‘Spoilers’

“Pete, you’re just upset because your favorite statist lost, and WE were responsible!” Please, you didn’t do anything except make some posts on social media. But let’s take this statement in another direction.

Libertarians, the people who are celebrating spoiling elections this week, pride themselves on being the most moral people on the planet. “We’re the anti-war party! Taxation is theft! Yay us!!!” However, being a spoiler means you always lose. Sure, there are some that win small elections or run in unopposed races. I have no issue with that as “all politics is local.” I proudly represent the Mises Mayor’s PAC which ran Buck Johnson for City Council in Lockhart, Texas. Buck unfortunately lost his race this past Tuesday. Looking back I believe there was more I could have done to help him win. People donated their hard-earned money, and we didn’t deliver. It bothers me. I feel like a failure.

In most cases local elections are winnable, and with only a small amount of funding. The same cannot be said for state and national races. When was the last time a Libertarian Party candidate won one of those races? If you can supply only one name, you’re proving my point. So, what is the purpose of the Libertarian Party running state and national candidates when they will only receive a fraction of the vote? What is the purpose of running candidates you damn well know are going to lose? What is the point of taking people’s hard-earned money to run a campaign on behalf of this failure? How is it moral to ask people for money knowing you’re going to lose?

The common answer is, “We’re a party about educating people on the ideas of liberty!” How’s that working out? The Libertarian party came into existence 51 years ago. Has the Culture become more inclined to the ideas of liberty? If not, what’s the point in continuing a strategy that isn’t working? It is inevitable that the name of Ron Paul will be invoked. People love reminding me that it was Ron Paul who brought me into politics and libertarianism. When I mention that Ron Paul did that running as a Republican, I’ve been asked to stop saying that. I guess I touched a nerve.


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