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Absurd Thoughts On Election Day – Libertarian/Anarchist/Agorist Edition

I’m sitting here thinking about Election Days past when I considered myself a “good libertarian.” For many libertarian/anarchist/agorists Election Day is a holiday on which they virtue signal via social media about how intelligent they are (sanctimonious is a better term). “Why would anyone be stupid enough to think elections matter?” I used to think this way, so I have some inside knowledge on the “thought” process that goes into this. Allow me to mention a couple of my favorites.

Voting is Violence

OK, how? Just how is voting violence? Nope, that’s it. I don’t have an explanation.

You Just Want to Be My King

This one comes from a lovely group called agorists. I dabbled in agorist theory during 2020 when I admittedly couldn’t see a way past the COVID Regime. This ideology, which was “systematized” by an admitted Leftist (Samuel Edward Konkin III), considers itself the most consistent and moral branch of libertarianism. Its beliefs are peak “we just want to be left alone.” Of course, the problem with that is that the Regime won’t leave you alone. They will follow you into the woods (Randy Weaver), burn down your church with you, and your children, in it (Waco), and institute a plan to continue taxing you in case of a nuclear war. Agorists mostly keep to themselves but emerge on Election Day to be especially annoying.

Voting Doesn’t Change Anything


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