Rising: November 8, 2022 PREDICTION: GOP will take House AND Senate; Trump previews BIG announcement Nov 15

PREDICTION: GOP will take House AND Senate; Trump previews BIG announcement Nov 15

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave react to Sabato’s Crystal Ball predictions that Republicans will gain control of both the House and Senate.

Elon Musk SCRAPS Twitter’s misinformation policies, urges Americans to VOTE REPUBLICAN

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave weigh in on Twitter CEO Elon Musk calling on voters to cast their ballots for Republicans in today’s midterms.

Stacey Abrams & Dems blame MISINFORMATION for flailing poll numbers, discouraging black men to VOTE

Host of “A Fresh Perspective” Jeff Charles, and host of “Straight Shot No Chaser” podcast Tezlyn Figaro weigh in on the role misinformation plays in whether Black men decide to vote. #Georgia #StaceyAbrams #midterms

Doom and gloom? Dems hunker down for midterms SLAUGHTER, optimism LOW: Hanna Trudo

The Hill senior political correspondent Hanna Trudo discusses Democrats’ hope that abortion and gas prices will still be important to voters in today’s midterms.

Vote for us or DEMOCRACY ENDS? Political MELODRAMA sets most ‘HATEFUL’ election yet: Leland Vittert

NewsNation anchor Leland Vittert discusses the future of democracy.

Arizona, Georgia may SPLIT governors and Senate races, is LOW CANDIDATE QUALITY to blame?

Emerson College Polling director Spencer Kimball breaks down polling in key battleground races and potential outcomes in today’s elections.

More Latinos voting red THAN EVER despite Dems OUTSPENDING GOP on Spanish-language ads: Analysis

Abraham Enriquez, founder and president of Bienvenido and Rafael Bernal, staff writer at The Hill dive into the GOP’s growing popularity among Black and Latino voters and the impact they will have in this year’s election.


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