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Watch Love Gov Season 3: The Metaverse of Madness

Season 3 of Love Gov: The Metaverse of Madness is OUT NOW!
Independent Institute’s award-winning web series Love Gov has returned with a third season!  Episodes one and two are live now, and the remaining three episodes will be released later this month!

Each of the five episodes in the series follows Rose, a young teacher and mother navigating the disastrous implementation of the “new normal” in public schools. Viewers will surely find Rose’s story all too sympathetic—and unfortunately, all too realistic—in the wake of our own current public school crisis….

Love Gov’s villain, Scott “Gov” Govinski (played by Jonathan Flanders), enjoying his newly held power as superintendent of Rose’s school

Watch Love Gov 3: Episodes 1 & 2
Love Gov’s villain is the insufferable Scott “Gov” Govinski, now the new superintendent of Rose’s public school. Scott tells parents and teachers they can keep it casual and call him “Gov”…and embrace critical race theory and gender ideology, live in the metaverse, and even use his own digital money (which he calls “Gov Bucks”).

Sound familiar?

As any parent will tell you, our public schools’ attempts to reopen, set curriculum, and respond to parental concerns in a post-pandemic “new normal” have been disappointing at best and a debacle at worst. It seems that all our taxpayer-funded education system can do is bungle the job, infuriate everyone, and put our students LAST…

And that’s all Gov manages to do, too.


Will Rose be able to stop Gov’s tyrannical takeover of the school that both she and her son call home? Or will Gov’s plans to woke-ify and control every aspect of ordinary life succeed? For Rose’s sake, let’s hope this season has a happy ending…

And as we settle into this year’s school season, let’s hope Love Gov Season 3 remains a work of fiction.

The (Not So) Great Reset

Episode 1 of 5

It’s back to school for teacher Rose and her son Archie, but with Scott “Gov” Govinsky at the helm of the post-pandemic education system, it’s a new (anything-but) normal.

Avatarred and Feathered

Episode 2 of 5

You can be whoever you want to be in the metaverse … with Gov’s approval. Rose and Archie get a virtual lesson in identity politics.

Episodes 3 – 5 coming later this month!
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