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Sunday West: November 6

Good morning. I wrote last Sunday that I wouldn’t produce a newsletter this weekend. Well, I lied. But there won’t be one next Sunday (I say that, but I may be lying again).

Only one piece this week, although there will be a lot coming in the next couple of weeks; that post was about the two stages of decadence, the aggressive and passive, and how my generation were starting to suffer health problems associated with the Swinging Nineties. At least we had some great music.

Being at the vanguard of technological change, I obviously embrace every new innovation, and that includes the latest Substack feature, which is something called ‘chat’. It means that I can start a thread on the Substack app and every paid subscriber is alerted and can join in. I will try it out later today.


Elsewhere,  Ian Leslie on audience capture.

The football writer Michael Cox recently observed that English football managers get fired and replaced at a faster rate than ever before. The owners of Italian clubs used to have a reputation for being trigger happy; Italian football experts looked enviously at the patience of clubs in England, where managers were “as secure as civil servants”. But the turnover of English managers is now staggeringly high; any manager appointed before February 23rd this year is already in the top 50% of long-serving managers.

Ian’s piece on the Mona Lisa Effect from last week was also super-interesting. I didn’t know any of this. (I’ve never thought the Mona Lisa was that good, but have shied away from voicing such an opinion for fear of looking like a complete idiot.)


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