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Saturday Commentary and Review #104

UK Training Ukrainian Partisans, Biodigital Surveillance is Here, China’s Social Credit System Explained, Germany Further Reduced to US Satrapy, Stanford’s Sugar Babies


As we wait for the war in Ukraine to enter its next phase, much is happening behind the scenes that we are not privy to. We do not know the plans of the Russian Stavka, nor do we know how the UAF is planning to defend itself from a coming Russian offensive. It’s quite possible that the Ukrainians might launch another offensive as well. For all we know, secret diplomatic back channels are working overtime. The Fog of War has set in and all we can do is wait and see.

What we do know is that the West is not fully aligned on how to continue supporting its war against Russia in Ukraine. Even US decision makers are not on the same page, with some seeking to stay the course, others calling for a diplomatic settlement, and still others wanting to raise the temperature in order to further bleed the Russians, seeing this as their best opportunity to do the most damage possible to Moscow.

We also know that the Brits have taken the side of those wanting greater confrontation with Russia, which is why Boris Johnson twice parachuted into Kiev to scuttle any chances of peace immediately after Macron and others begged Zelensky to seek negotiations. We also know that UK forces (including the SAS) have been on the ground in Ukraine for almost a decade now, training the UAF. The Brits are the attack poodle of US Empire, and thanks to Kit Klarenberg’s reporting, it looks like some Brits are putting together a Partisan force to strike at Crimea.


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