Polish sniper who survived Azovstal siege: ‘We ate amputated arms and legs’ to avoid starvation

The shocking account of the only Pole who fought in Azovstal during the siege of Mariupol in Ukraine reveals the horrors faced by the defenders

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk
author: Marcin Wyrwał

The only Pole who fought in the Azovstal steel plant provided his account of the fighting, Russian captivity, and the harsh conditions during the siege of Mariupol.

In a sign of how desperate the situation became in the besieged steelworks plant as food became scarcer by the day, he told Polish news outlet Onet that “we ate amputated legs and arms.”

Krzysztof was a sniper in the Azov battalion. He was asked about his efficiency and number of killed Russians.

“I kept track up to a hundred of them, at hundred plus, I stopped counting,” he said.

Krzysztof (right), the only Polish defender of Mariupol’s Azovstal, during talk with Onet’s war reporter Marcin Wyrwał. (source:

The Pole was severely wounded on April 20.

“They dropped a mine from a helicopter that fell 20 centimeters from my leg. I got hit by the full force of the blast. I was heavily wounded. I had two legs ripped apart, a broken spine, and damaged hands. The doctors said that ‘one more minute or one and a half,’ and I would have bled out. I lost two and a half liters of blood. The doctors wanted to amputate my legs, but by some miracle they left them whole,” he said.

The man provided his account of the harsh conditions during the siege of Azovstal and the food and water scarcity.


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