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Billionaires, Leftists, and the Self-Licking Hypocrisy Ice Cream Cone

The ink is dry, Elon has kicked his shoes up on his new desk in the Twitter HQ, the world is basically exactly the same since the billionaire innovator took over the social media company, even though you’d think that WWIII has erupted and a meteor straight out of the movie “Armageddon” is heading straight towards us.

Go on Twitter now and look at all the leftists who suddenly are afraid that turning Twitter from a public to a private company is something ripped from the book of Revelations.

They fear rogue billionaires who don’t play by the mainstream agenda are essentially rogue states. People like Musk, who they once remarked to be some sort of eco friendly, tech messiah, are now treated almost as harshly as they treated Trump in the White House.

Where is the line drawn? They move it around so often it’s almost hard to tell. What makes one billionaire an ally of the cause and another billionaire inseparable from Satan?

More specifically, why was it perfectly fine when Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post but Elon buying Twitter bad? Why did the left suddenly stop discussing the horrible conditions in Amazon’s warehouses but then immediately jump towards the working conditions of Tesla?

It’s a “self licking ice cream cone” as a wise man once said. The media, Hollywood, and political elite need to shift their hate to appease their friends but not speak truthfully enough to lose their base.

They want to go to the cocktail parties while still being seen at the protests. They want to tax some billionaires but not others. Anyone who is surprised that leftists are mad about Elon shouldn’t be, they’ve always been this way, the element of surprise is completely dead.


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