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Freedom News Digest: MONDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2022 No U.S. Negotiations with Russia

With government controlling more and more of our economy, the fact that crooks have to go where the money is causes more and more of them to turn to government employment. However, there is probably an even stronger reason for individuals to become politicians.That is the power which accompanies political office. Many idealists think they know better than the ordinary person what is good for that person. They consider themselves a cut above the ordinary individual who just isn’t smart enough to know what he or she should do. Idealists seek government power to impose their ideas upon the rest of us. They may be personally honest insofar as not thinking of lining their own pockets with money but have little compunction about bolstering their egos with government power. This attitude explains the environmentalists, the do-gooders, and others whose ego causes them to seek government power to impose their ideas upon those of us who just want to make our way in a free market in open competition with everyone else. They don’t believe in a free market or voluntary actions. They do believe in controlling others by means of government power.
Harry Hoiles, The Orange County Register [June 2, 1979]


October 31, 2022

No U.S. Negotiations with Russia
Amidst the increasingly degrading situation in Ukraine, a number of American commentators are calling on President Biden to enter into negotiations with Russia in an attempt to resolve the crisis. I’ve got a better idea: the U.S. government should instead butt out of the crisis entirely. It should immediately stop furnishing military and financial aid to Ukraine, withdraw from NATO, abandon all U.S. …

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